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[New]Announcement Regarding the Recent Disruption of Wartune


Members of the Wartune and Wartune Reborn Community:

We are Game Hollywood, the official licensed distributor which acquired the exclusive right to release Wartune (English) worldwide from 7Road (the developer) since 2012.

Game Hollywood offered Wartune/Wartune Reborn (the games, or, Wartune) as a product to numerous platforms, and improves the product to better serve its customers, providing diverse and rich gaming and entertainment experience. For 9 years, Game Hollywood has been working closely with various platforms to cater every player.

We trusted 7Road and even accepted 7Road become the one of the  major shareholder of Game Hollywood.

However, this year, a series of absurd and bizarre event has happened. We saw 7Road, for the first time, jeopardizing and compromising players’ data, by exploiting the trust of the players. We must expose to our customers and friends, that 7Road has violated the code of business practices, bypassed a secured platform, and stolen players' personal information without proper authorization.

1) Regarding the suspicious modifications of 7Road:

In September 2020, Game Hollywood and 7Road had already worked together to develop and publish the event for the entire month of October in the games.

On October 1, 2020, Game Hollywood and 7Road started an 8-day long public holiday. However, on the first day of the holiday, we discovered that some unauthorized features of the games had been altered in the form of, requesting players’ personal information, breaking of support system connections and transfer of payment endpoint to an unauthorized 3rd party website - 7 ROAD WEBSITE, and more right under our eyes. Platforms affected by this unauthorized update included, Facebook, Kongregate, and platforms where Wartune published in! We immediately realized this is definitely a serious problem of "gradual leak of user information", and attempted to stop further damage and try to find out  the source of 7 Road website. As the investigation progressed, we found a shocking result that the initiator of the aforementioned unauthorized modifications, system destruction and user information theft, was not any unknown 3rd party, but 7Road, the content provider and our business partner we used to respect for 9 years!

2) About the license:

Game Hollywood has owned the publishing rights of Wartune until October 2, 2020, however,  7Road sent an email without prior warnings, asking to revoke the publishing rights of Game Hollywood and migrate all the players to 7 Road website. For 9 years, we have been working closely with 7Road, feedback withplayers' valuable suggestions, from patch optimizations, anniversary celebrations, and festival events. However, 7Road, a partner of us for 9 years and one of our major shareholders, was the first to ask to terminate the partnership on October 2, 2020, after receiving suspicion reports of 7 Road website! Due to 7Road's unexpected behavior , the team was not able to foresee and inform the player in advance, I would like to express my deepest apologies to the Wartune community.

3) About revenue of the games:

We have always abided by the contract with 7Road and acted in accordance with the agreement. As we have been doing for the past 9 years, the team has always been committed to all players.

Our finance departmenthas always followed the agreement with 7Road and pay every revenue share from the games that we shall share with 7 Road!

However, 7Road has violated contracts with all partners, broken all platform privacy regulations, violated business operating principles, attempted to expose more players to risks, and has embezzled all of Wartune's revenue!

4) As a part of the community, what else you deserve to know:

Wartune and Wartune Reborn are games in Flash technology, the team had also been working with 7Road in 2020 to develop the mini-client function, just to let everyone of the community with the ability to continue playing Wartune even Flash is ending by 2020. We also invited selected players to test the mini-client EVERY quarter.

We have also been working hard to help players and work with the developer as COVID-19 spreads around the world.

If the team is really as bad as 7Road says, why doesn't 7Road complain with the team at any time in 2018, 2019, or even early 2020? Why would they choose Q4 2020, when everyone's in public holiday (7Road and us are majorly based in China, where October 1st - 8th are our long public holiday) and released the modifications? Who would have believed that 7 Road website was built in one day ? And who would even trust a shorly-built platform could ensure users with the same gaming experience as all the original/legally authorized platforms?

Who would have believed that suspicious updates were made on the fly?

Who would have believed that all of this today was caused by the event two years ago?

Who would even believed anything that 7Road is saying right now?

In September, we felt that the development team of 7Road still loves the games because of their sincerity or maybe they just did not know anything else except for development of the games. But for us, the 9-year publisher for Wartune, the value of our community and users are always in the first place.

However, we’d like to know why the management of 7Road has been planning for such an extensive period to harm the community.

Regardless, we have taken legal action to protect every right of the community!