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[New]Announcement Regarding the Recent Issue of Wartune


Players of Wartune,

On October 1st, the team has noticed some changes to the game, which including request of user contact information, in-game customer service connections and other communication connections have been changed and some modules have stopped working (there may be other modules that have been also modified, which we (“Game Hollywood”) are working on it). We received player complaints that the game (“Wartune”) was asking for personal information for rewards and ended up not only leaking, but also other losses reported.

Since yesterday, all servers are down and no player can access the game.

Upon investigation, the above actions taken are related to 7 Road (the developer). Until last night, the developer requested us to provide the personal data of all Wartune players for their business purposes.

We were confused by 7 Road's unexpected and unreasonable request, hence organized a special team to intervene.

At the same time, we found out the aforementioned practice was carried out on players on, Facebook, Kongregate, R2 Games, Armor Games and many other platforms.

The success of Wartune cannot be achieved without the support of the players and fans, and the team will always protect the legitimate rights and interests of those who love the game. This is also the belief and philosophy of the team. We are deeply saddened by the fact that, not only the game was disrupted, but also players’ data may have been fraudulently accessed.

As this event was serious and unexpected, we are calling on you, he players to take action together, to protect your rights of the game. Regardless of whether you started playing Wartune 9 years ago or just entered the game recently, we urge you to speak to us about your experience, including your platform, server and character name, and whether you are a victim of this "link to register for rewards".

We are committed to every user of Wartune and every platform we partner with to safeguard your privacy from disclosures and use beyond the scope of any policies and agreements.

We also urge 7 Road to restore the game back to the former state, also, stop violating user privacies and information that we are not yet aware of.

In the end, we would also like to inform you, please DO NOT trust any info or links provided outside from our official website, as it may expose your account and other virtual properties to the risk of theft or loss. We are aiming to restore operation of the game in 2 weeks, thank you for your patience.

Please contact us via:

Game Hollywood Wartune Operations Team