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[Guide][Wartune 10.0] Optimizations


1. Added Auto-path for the Forgotten Catacombs.

Players can click the [AFK Mode] to activate the AFK Mode in the Forgotten Catacombs.

The AFK Mode allows you to find monsters, cast spells, enter next level in the Forgotten Catacombs and collect rewards automatically.

If players want to stop, they only need to click the button again.


2. New description for the Treasure Chest

Change: Buy to receive 6 attempts (chance to win items). Fashion Chest II Keys will be used first.

3. Added an icon for Castle Wars in main screen

The NPC Arlos has been transferred to the Dark Crypt Shop.

4. New Player Experience Revamp

Battle Change: Players are now able to click on Challenge to start a battle against the monsters in Campaign. 

5. Rewards: Rewards and EXP remain the same.

Reduced the number of monsters that need to be killed on Bounty Quests and Circuit Quests.

6. Feature Optimizations After countless challenges, we believe that you fully understand the weaknesses of the monsters in Campaign. You can click Challenge to start a battle now.

7. Feature Optimizations In order to make the battle more fluid, we optimized the art effect of some character skills.

8. Feature Optimizations Arlos in the Cloud City is no longer responsible for Castle Wars because he is busy with his new job! You can enter Castle Wars by clicking the icon at the top of the main interface.

9. Player Benefit: Your advice means a lot to us! We added new mechanics to the training event!

10. Optimized the description of Fashion Chest II.

11. Revised some text.

12. Unlocked some Mounts.

13.Optimized Knighthood EXP. After Knighthood, players can upgrade faster to experience new gameplays.