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[New][New]Wartune 8th Anniversary - Supreme Leader


[Event Entry]

Matchmaking will start in the main screen of the Anniversary event. When there are 6 players matched the combat will start. When matching, the all-server ranking interface will temporarily turn into a quiz menu where players can answer questions to win Warrior Points.

Preparation Stage

- Preparation Stage lasts 30 seconds.

- Player level starts in Lv .1 and the highest level is 7. The level determines the maximum number of deployable heroes.

- Each time you are in the Preparation Stage, a random selection of Heroes in the Store will be shown.

- Heroes bought from the Store are placed in the Bench. Up to 8 heroes can be stored until you move them into the battlefield.

- You can put the heroes from the Bench into the Battlefield where the fighting happens. If you reached you unit limit, no more heroes can be placed.

- The Heroes you've purchased can be sold by moving them into the Recycle Bin.

- Use Gold to refresh the heroes in the store.

- Use Gold to obtain EXP.

You can lock the store so it won’t automatically refresh at the next Preparation Stage.

Hero & Combinations

- Each hero has its own Origin and Class, possessing 5 stats (ATK, DEF, HP, CRIT, Block) and one unique ability.

- Heroes combine automatically when you have three of the same. Three 1-star champions can be combined to create a stronger 2-star champion. Three 2-star champions can be combined to create an even stronger 3-star champion.

Origins & Classes

- Placing various heroes from the same Origin or Class to reach the required number in the battlefield will grant a powerful effect to your team. Move the cursor on the icon of Class and Origin to view more details. If you place multiple duplicate heroes, they will be counted as one.


- You will gain 1 Gold at the beginning of the game.

- The amount of Gold will be increased at the beginning of next round.

- Each round, you will always receive 5 Gold and 1 extra Gold for each victory.

- Additional Gold is awarded for a streak of wins or losses. This bonus is no more than 3 Gold per turn: Win/Loss streak 1-3: +1 Gold; Win/Loss streak 4-6: +2 Gold; Win/Loss streak 7+: +3 Gold;

- Interest: For every 10 Gold you have, you'll make an extra gold piece. Interest is calculated at the end of every round and provides +1 Gold for every 10 Gold you have, so if you have 10 Gold, you earn 1 Gold interest. If you have 20 Gold, you get 2 Gold in interest. The maximum amount of 50 gold for +5 Gold in interest.


- Each player has a limit of a certain number of Heroes that they can place on the field. They can increase that limit by leveling up with EXP.

- You obtain 2 EXP for free at the end of each round.

Battle Stage

- Each battle has 2 stages. The first has 2 rounds (PvE) and the second has 5 (the first 4 rounds are PvP and the fifth is PvE).

- Each round lasts 60 seconds.

- Battle order: your move first

- All heroes have a Rage bar. Attacks or being attacked will increase the hero's Rage. Heroes will use their special Abilities automatically when their Rage bar is full.

- Players are ranked based on their current HP or Battle time if players share same HP.

- Win/Loss streak record


- Rule: If your heroes are all defeated, a fixed amount of HP will be reduced. If the you kill the monsters, you will get extra Gold. If you do not win or lose the game, your HP remains the same and you receive nothing.


- You will randomly match a player's Double.

- At the end of PvP round, the result of the battle is compared according to the total amount of the hero's remaining HP of each side. If your hero’s total HP is greater than or equal to the opponent's, no HP is reduced. If not, the HP reduction is equal to the difference between the opponent’s and yours.

- The Damage Dealt increases with the progress of each round.

Loss and Victory

- Players start with 100 HP. If a player reaches 0 HP, they are defeated. Defeated players will return to the event screen

- When there is only one player left on the battlefield, the last player standing is declared the winner.

- If you quit or get offline during the game, you will not be able to return to the game, which means you will continue the game in the same state as you left until death or the end of the game.