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[New]Wartune 8th Anniversary Event


[Event Overview]

· Event Start Time and End Time are set according to the data sheets

· Event is divided into four parts: Main event, Current-server Solo, Cross-server Multiplayer and Cross-server competition

· Main Event: The player consumes Balens to purchase 8th Anniversary Banner; upgrade level of the Banner to win rewards

· The rest are ways to obtain Banner EXP

· Current-server Solo provides Banner EXP for the whole Event duration

· Cross-server Multiplayer provides Banner EXP daily

· Cross-server competition provides Banner EXP on competition days

· Consume 8th Anniversary Treasure or Consume Balens directly to upgrade Banner level


During the event period, click the event icon on top of the screen to enter.

[Purchase Level]

· Players can use Balens to purchase Banner Level

· There are 3 fixed levels with different prices. Players can choose to purchase one or several fixed level for multiple times; discounts vary among the 3 fixed levels

[Event Achievement]

· Players obtain achievements through completing different tasks.

· Achievement comes in levels with different goals, Banner EXP will be rewarded upon achieving the goals.


· Driven Supreme Leader Pairing, players may join the quiz.

· Questions and choices in the quiz are drawn randomly in set times for all players across the server.

· Questions are categorized; at first the category of the question is drawn, and then the choices and the right answer; after that 3 wrong choices are drawn under the same category; finally all the choices are shuffled.


· Treasure is a Chest with random tools.

· All Treasure has Normal, Rare and Extremely Rare items.

· Rule for Drops: Treasure drops a Normal item randomly with each unlock; when the Treasure is unlocked twice in a row the item that had been unlocked in the first time won’t drop again, until all Normal items are unlocked, after which all Normal items are again can be unlocked. With each unlock Rare and Extremely Rare items will be dropped as extra reward at times.

· The Drops Rule applies to each Treasure independently.

[Struggle for Glory]

1. Features

· Features: Cross-server competition, Data prediction, Competition prediction.

· Cross-server competition will last for 4 weeks, including All-comers Matches, Group Matches, Knockout Matches, and Finals.

· Predictions are only for matches other than All-comers match.

2. Cross-server competition

· Cross-server competition starts on Saturday after the Event is activated and will last for 4 weeks.

· Party competition, with 2-4 people in each party; each player can only sign up for one party.

· Parties should reach 1000w Team Battle Rating to sign up.

· Cross-server competition will last for 4 weeks, including All-comers Matches, Group Matches, Knockout Matches, and Finals.

a. All-comers Match

· All players can join.

· All parties will be joining the 15-round matching; the top 16 parties in the ranking will enter the Group Match.

· The rules are similar to Titan War Preliminaries.

b. Group Match

· Parties are grouped in 4 according to their points.

· Each group will join in a single round match BO1, and the two Parties with the highest scores win.

· Ranking of Parties within groups depends on the number of matches won by each Party.

· If two parties share the same points, the Party that has won more matches rank on top of the other.

· If three parties share the same points, there will be an extra match based on the All-comers ranking.

c. Top 8 Match

· Knockout Match: First place Parties will be matched with second place Parties in other groups.

· Each pair will play BO3 in order, and the 4 winners will enter the next round.

d. Finals

· 4 winners that enter the finals will be matched randomly.

· Each pair will play semi-final BO3 in order, and the 2 winners will enter the next round.

· Final BO3 will then be held, the 2 winners will fight for championship.

e. Rewards

· There will be Championship, Runner-up, Top 4, Top 8, Top 16 and Participation rewards.

3. Match Prediction

· After the All-comers match, all players can bet on the winners and scores of each match that hasn’t started.

· Players will receive victory rewards and score rewards.

· Players should lock the time after making predictions; after the match rewards will be boosted according to the locked time.

[Amazing Astral]

1. Features

· Expert exploration action dungeon, use Energy to move between Nodes, similar to Dimension.

· On each node there are different types of quests or battle events.

· After passing a node players will receive an extra Warrior Point, which is a type of point for another ranking event.

· Events and drops might happen in nodes and tasks, the results may affect another node.

· Energy is limited daily and can not be purchased.

2. Event Introduction

· In Amazing Astral, players need to consume Energy to mave between nodes; every day on 5 am Energy will be reset to daily limit;

· You may encounter Forbidden Areas, Mystic Areas or Battle Challenges on the way. You can only reach the next Node when there is no obstacle on the road;

· You will get Warrior Points upon reaching a new Node. Warrior Points are divided into Normal Warrior Points and Ancient Warrior Points;

· Reaching a new Node may trigger events, e.g. obtain a Key, obtain a Lighting Item, play a Mini game, obtain a Treasure Chest. Each event triggered at a new Node gives you an independent probability of getting rare rewards;

· You will get Clothing parts upon reaching the destination in the four specific directions;

· When using a Key, you must click on the target Node on the road blocked by the Mystic Area to get there.

a. Adventure Process

· When appearing in the center, the player can only see the quests on the path between two nodes, instead of what’s on the next node; after completing a quest on the path the next node type will reveal itself and the path to it will be lit up on the map.

· When the player reaches the next node (stepping on the next node), the node is deemed as complete and the node on the mini-map will be lit up.

· At least one path to each node should be open so that the nodes are all accessible.

b. Consume Energy

· When the player reaches the next node (stepping on the next node), the node is deemed as complete, consumes 10 Energy.

· Daily Energy limit is 100 (Set), reset at 5 am.

c. Warrior Points

· Collecting Warrior Points is one of the goals; when a quest is completed on one node (when the player steps on the node), Warrior Point is collected; Battle Point can be collected through battle.

· Number of Warrior Points are fixed; high on some of the nodes and low on others; they distribute randomly on the map.

· Warrior Point progress will be shown in dungeon information.

d. Battle Quest

· In Battle Quest the players will encounter one of the three monsters randomly; if the player wins the battle he/she moves to the next node, if loses then the player stays on the node without consuming Energy.

· In Battle Quest, when encountering on the map, player clicks on the node and a monster will appear randomly, there are 3 different monsters and the player will encounter one of them.

e. Use Item

· When the player enters items node, e.g. a key, or a light, and obtains the item, the item will be displayed in dungeon information and can be used.

· Use Keys: In Mystic Area, click on the Mystic Path. A pop-up window reads: Mystic Area ahead.

You can’t proceed. Use a Mystic Area Key to open this area?

You don’t have the Keys. Click on the Mystic Area, a hint reads: You can’t proceed through this Mystic Area.

· Use Light: Drag the map and use it on nodes that had not yet been lit. Player will be able to see the type of the node.

If you have Light, when reaching a locked node, a hint will read: Use Mystic Pathlight to examine the node type?

If you don’t have a Light, the hint won’t show up if you click on the locked nodes.

f. Finish Line

· There will be a Treasure Box on the last node, which appears to be a Chest Reward. The reward inside is fixed. The Treasure Boxes on the four corners of the map are fixed rewards.