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[Event]Wartune In-game Events 08/21-09/03


Events Tip!

Special Event: Mini-client Login Rewards

Rule: During the event, use the mini-client to log in every day to collect rewards.

Duration: 2020/08/21 - 2020/08/27

Event 1: Cloud City

What to get: 8th Anniversary Coin, Shaved Ice, Braveheart, Holy Dragon Essence, etc.

Tip: Don't forget to use Holiday Blessing Potion before you do the collecting tasks in Cloud City!

Duration: 2020/08/21 - 2020/09/03

Event 2: Platinum Pot

What to get: Stone of Judgment · Fire Resistance, Stone of Judgment · Water Resistance, Stone of Judgment · Electro Resistance, Stone of Judgment · Wind Resistance, Stone of Judgment · Dark Resistance, Stone of Judgment · Light Resistance, etc.

Duration: 2020/08/21 - 2020/08/23

Event 3: Crowdfund

What to get: Anniversary Fireworks, Vulcan's Bellows, Vulcan's Grinding Stone, Goddess Heart Shard, Terra Seal, Charm Mace, etc.

Duration: 2020/08/21 - 2020/08/23

Event 4: Lucky Exchange

Holy Sword & Slyph: 2020/08/21 - 2020/08/27

Pennant & Dragonchant: 2020/08/21 - 2020/08/27

Anniversary Fireworks - Clothing Shard: 2020/08/212- 2020/08/24

What to get: Anniversary Fireworks, Silver Angel, Ancient Greek, Knockout, etc.

Event 5: Sacred Golden Tree

What to get: Red Dragon, Ancient Resistance Stone of Judgment Chest, Talent Stone, useful items in upgrading Holy Sword, etc.

Duration: 2020/08/23 - 2020/08/26

Event 6: Bargain Shop

What to get: Celestial Eagle Card, Metallic Shrimp Card, Metallic Crab Card, Bunny Lord Card, etc.

Duration: 2020/08/24 - 2020/08/27

Event 7: Lucky Exchange

Anniversary Fireworks Ⅰ - Ancient Beast Shard: 2020/08/25 - 2020/08/27

What to get: Green Fire Card, etc.