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[Event]Wartune Events 07/03-07/09


Events Tip!

Event 1: Artifact Roulette

What to get: 

Clothing Refinement Stone x50, 

Mount Training Whip x100, 

Wraithstone x40, 

Charge Fragment x400, 

Willpower Talent Stone x250, 

Dragon’s Whisper x10,  

Polishing Orb x230, 

Sylph Soul Orb x230, 

Breakthrough Orb x200, 

Charm Mace x200, 

Lv. 1 Goddess Heart x1, 

Talent Stone x100, 

Five kinds of Goddess Shards, etc.

Duration: 2020/07/03 - 2020/07/05

Event 2: Crowdfund

What to get: Goddess Heart Shard, Switch, Vulcan's Bellows, Vulcan's Grinding Stone, etc.

Duration: 2020/07/03 - 2020/07/05

Event 3: Daily Mega Pack

What to get: Symbiosis Stone, Talent Stone, Clothing Refinement Stone, Cast Stone, etc.

Duration: 2020/07/04 - 2020/07/09

Event 4 : Cloud City

What to get: River Of Stars, Howler Mask, Holy Dragon Essence, etc.

Tip: Don't forget to use Holiday Blessing Potion before you do the collecting tasks in Cloud City!

Duration: 2020/06/29 - 2020/07/09