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[Guide][Wartune 9.4] Elemental Forest (Peerage)



Remember those two Bosses? One with Physical Immunity and the other with Magic Immunity? The ones you have to kill both in the same turn? Are you ready for a challenge like this when you are in Class Peerage? Time to try Elemental Forest (Peerage)!

[Event Entry]

Players with Peerage can enter Hall of Heroes by speaking to Dinah in Cloud City.

Cloud City -> Hall of Heroes -> Event Dungeon -> Elemental Forest (Peerage)

[Event Panel]

[Dungeon Info]

1.This is a Multiplayer Dungeon that requires high resistance. Kill the monsters and get rewards.

2.Attempts: One Reward Attempt daily, use The Legion Crusade (Elemental Forest (Peerage)) to get more attempts!


Boss 1: Cylon & Anze (Water Twins)

They are water Elementals. One’s strength lies in magic, and the other one’s in physical attacks. Their life-forces are bound to each other, none will truly die unless they are both killed.

They granted each other immunity in the other’s strength.

Both bosses must be killed in the same round, or the dead boss will be fully revived by the twin next round.

Boss 2: Laise, Raylan, Barao

You then venture further, meeting one of the 3 bosses who claim their own element ought to reign supreme.

You will encounter one of those 3 bosses in random, the boss will only be revealed after the combat starts, and the same boss will remain until you defeat him.


Vulcan's Bellows: Commonly used on Holy Forge - Peerage Equipment.

Vulcan's Grinding Stone: Commonly used on Holy Forge - Peerage Equipment.

Refinement Crystal: Commonly used on Peerage Equipment Refinement.