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[Guide][Wartune 9.4] Peerage Equipment - Holy Forge


[Peerage Equipment -  Holy Forge]

1.Unlock Level: Class Peerage

2.Entry: Craft - Blacksmith -  Holy Forge

[Event Panel]


Obtain Vulcan's Grinding Stone and Vulcan's Bellows from Elemental Forest (Peerage).

Dungeon Entry: Cloud City NPC - Dinah - Event Dungeon - Elemental Forest (Peerage).

[Basic Intro]

After Peerage, players can synthesize Peerage Equipment. Complete Plague Marsh (Nightmare) to obtain Titan's Soul Shard and Soulmelt Bead to synthesize. Peerage Equipment can be Holy Forged. Holy Forge requires Vulcan's Bellows and Vulcan's Grinding Stones.

The max level of Holy Forge is Tier 8, Level 10. Upgrade 1 Tier every 10 Levels.

Holy Forge (Tier 1) costs 15 Vulcan's Grinding Stones and 15 Vulcan's Bellows each time.

At Tier 2 (Level 10), Holy Forge costs 25 Vulcan's Grinding Stones and 25 Vulcan's Bellows each time.

At Tier 4 (Level 10), Holy Forge costs 40 Vulcan's Grinding Stones and 40 Vulcan's Bellows each time.

At Tier 6 (Level 10), Holy Forge costs 60 Vulcan's Grinding Stones and 60 Vulcan's Bellows each time.

Note: Holy Forge Halidom & Artifact will need 45, 75, 120 or 180 Vulcan’s Grinding Stones and Vulcan’s Bellows at different Tiers.

Two things can happen after Holy Forging:

1.Level stays the same, but the Blessing increases by 5. The higher the Blessing, the higher the success rate of Holy Forge.

2.The level is upgraded and the Blessing value is cleared.