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[New]You can play Wartune without Flash in the updated Mini-Client from May 11th!


Hi Warriors,

A new version Wartune Mini-Client is updated on May 11th, 2020 , which can support normal gameplay without Flash. We would like to invite you to give it a try and give us your precious feedback to help us improve it. For more details, please read the note below carefully:

1. The client is still under beta test. For any problem, please take note and send us a ticket.

2. The client is only available for PCL Wartune. 

3. The old client is still available for playing.

4. For Facebook account users, you can send a ticket to get an official site login to proceed if you fail to log in with your Facebook account.

5. A security warning for an unrecognized app may pop up when finishing the download. Please rest assured that the app is safe to use. You may continue to install it and run the client.

Thank you for your support. Looking forward to your precious feedback.

Get it at our official site: