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[New]Wartune Server 651 Opening Announcement 3/19


New server 651 is opening at 05:00am Mar. 19th, 2020(PDT) today!

Rewards are coming! There is a new event for the new server open Mar. 19th - Super Exchange! From 20th to 26th, collect the exchange item Purple Droplet to exchange abundant rewards. Once all players in the new server reach certain points, extra rewards including Sweety Cat Title Card and Barbarian Helmet will be unlocked! Make good use of this chance and give yourself a great beginning in the new adventure!

Event 1: Super Exchange

Available Server: S651

What to get: Valuable items, Sweety Cat Title Card, the fashion suit Barbarian, etc.

How to get Purple Droplet: Activity Rewards in Cloud City, limited-time packs in the Bargain Shop.

Duration: 2020/03/20 - 2020/03/26

Event 2: Limited-time Packs

What to get: Holiday Blessing Potion, Lvl. 3 Bonus EXP Scroll, Lvl. 4 Bonus EXP Scroll, The Empire Crusade, Extreme Stamina Potion, Soul Crystal, Mount Training Whip, etc.

Duration: 2020/03/20 - 2020/03/26