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[Guide][Wartune 9.3] Every Second Counts



In order to defeat powerful enemies, Nemesis needs to improve Devil's Armor!

[Function Entry]

[Hall of Heroes] → [Event Dungeon]

Talk to Time Traveler in the Dungeon to start the challenge.

[Gameplay Info]

Players can challenge repeatedly, but will only obtain rewards once per day.

Multiplayer Dungeon (can challenge alone)

Talk to the NPC in the Dungeon and click “confirm” to start the challenge.

Time will be displayed at the top.

After the player kills this level monsters, next level monsters will be refreshed automatically until all monsters are killed or no player survives.

Players’ HP will not be restored in the Dungeon. Other players can’t enter the Dungeon after the challenge starts.

Players will get the rewards of the highest level they have cleared (No accumulative rewards). If the player clears all levels, they can obtain extra rewards according to clearance time.

Rewards will be different according to level and clearance time, including Hones, Devil's Pearls, etc.

[Clearance Rewards]

Hone’s quantity will be different according to level. The higher the level, the better rewards you can get.

Devil's Pearl Chest’s quantity and type will be different according to clearance time. The shorter the time, the better rewards you can get.

Clearance Rewards