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[Guide][Wartune 9.3] Devil's Armor


[Wartune 9.3] Devil's Armor


The Devil's Armor will help Heroes improve their strength on the Road to Revenge.

[Function Entry]

1、Level Requirement: Peerage

2、Entry: Astro → Nemesis → Devil's Armor

[Devil's Armor]

1、Polishing can upgrade your Devil's Armor using Hone. Devil's Abyss and Attributes will be unlocked after upgrade.

2、Obtain different Devil's Pearls from Lych's Road. A Devil's Pearl max level is 20. Low-level Devil's Pearls can be synthesized into better ones.

3、Put Devil's Pearls into Devil's Abyss to activate the effect. The Devil's Pearl level can't surpass Devil's Abyss level.

4、Use Carving Stones to upgrade Devil's Abyss and improve your Attributes.

[Devil's Pearl Synthesis]

In the production panel, players can synthesize high level Devil's Pearls.

1、Green and Blue Devil's Pearls require the corresponding Devil's Pearls and Carving Stones.

2、Blue Devil's Pearls can synthesize Purple Pearls.

3、Synthesizing Purple Devil's Pearls requires the corresponding Devil's Pearls shards and Carving Stones.

[Recycle Devil's Pearl]

Recycle Green and Blue Devil's Pearls to receive Carving Stones. Recycle Purple Devil's Pearls to obtain Carving Stones and Purple Devil's Pearls Shards.