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[Guide][Wartune 9.2] Optimizations


1. Battleground Adjustments: Ice-fire Peak (Lvl. 30 to Class Advancement), Sacred Fire Temple (Knighted) and Land of Twilight (Class Peerage) will open at the same time. Purchase items from corresponding shops to arm yourself!

2. League Rumble Adjustments: Canceled Preliminaries. Players can sign up during the competition. Optimized the match system.

   When pre-release version is launched, Rankings in pre-release servers will be reset and players need to re-register."

3. Player Benefit: New Devotion quests. Optimized Devotion system and added rewards

4. Player Benefit: Added 2100 Points Reward in Weekly Devotion.

5. Player Benefit: Players below Lvl. 70 can use EXP Orb. EXP Orb is stackable now.

6. Player Benefit: Auto-Capture requirement lowered from VIP2 to VIP1.

7. Player Benefit: Added Nemesis and Goddess Accessory system and corresponding main quests.

8. Added special effect of successful resistance.

9. After Class Peerage, increases battle rating every time players upgrade.

10. New item: The Legion Crusade. Used to increase corresponding dungeons’ Reward Attempts.

11. Item optimization: Magic Inn Item, Eudaemon Card, Equipment, Old Starter Pack, Pennant Engrave Stone, Resonance Crystal and Cuties Accessory can be sold in Gold.

12. Interface Optimization: Added max preview of the attributes in Holy Dragon Soul.

13. Interface Optimization: Added current weekly Devotion in Guild panel.

14. Interface Optimization: Added Stamina quick purchase in Road to Revenge and Demon Continent. A notice will pop up when there’s not enough Stamina.

15. Interface Optimization: Players can see the abilities of Nemesis and deployed Cuties in character details now.

16. Interface Optimization: Added descriptions of Summon of Cuties.

17. Interface Optimization: Added descriptions of the minimum points required for Ranking Rewards in Fantasy Arena.

18. Interface Optimization: Optimized King's Return interface. Added today's recharge amount below.

19. Other Optimizations: Sky Trail - Possession Space unlocks after Class Advancement.