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[Guide][Wartune 9.2] Goddess Weekly Dungeon - The Stockades


      The monsters are preparing their new attack, heading to The Stockades. The place is filled with demons and evil creatures, making it impossible to survive... but the Goddesses are on your side.
[Function Entry]
Step: Hall of Heroes - Dungeon Hall - Create - Weekly Dungeon - The Stockades   

[Unlocking Requirements]
Unlocked after finishing Class Advancement.
[Gameplay Info]
  • To enter the weekly dungeon you need 2 - 4 players. You can enter the dungeon as many times as you want, but you will only receive rewards once a week. The dungeon drops Wave Crystal and Terra Seal.
  • The Stockades have 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Nightmare and Hell. Player needs to clear the Normal difficulty before he can gain access to Nightmare and Hell difficulty.
  • Player's Sylph, Relic, Titan, Holy Sword, Eudaemon and Willpower will be sealed when they enter the dungeon, like in Demon Continent.
  • There are 5 regions in the dungeon. Player starts with the region with the lowest difficulty and must progress through each region collecting the required points. Points can be earned by killing monsters within the region. The more difficult a region is, the more points you'll be able to collect.
  • The player has a maximum of 20 minutes to clear the dungeon. Dungeon ends when the time is up or 1,000 Points have been collected.
  • Rewards are distributed based on personal points and total points earned once the dungeon closes. The more points you have, the greater the rewards you can claim.