Prologue: This previously undiscovered land is overflowing with valuable resources. However, it is also home to a multitude of ferocious beasts and tough terrain... Do you dare continue?

1. There is an Outland Exploration entrance in the corner of each continent. Players can spend Exploration Points to enter and explore.


2.Outland Exploration is like a maze. Players can only move along certain routes. After encountering an intersection, players should decide which direction to move. After encountering a dead end, players must turn around and return the same way.


3.The 3 die at the bottom of the screen will roll and randomly display numbers 1-6. Players will take steps according to the number rolled. It costs Exploration Points every time players roll a die.

4.Players can use Balens (Bound Blaens excluded) to replenish Exploration Points. Players will not be able to replenish Exploration Points when the amount of Exploration Points hits the limit of 600.

5.Random events may occur:

wartune5.1 Hero Event: Encountering a monster. Defeat the monster for rewards. Failure gives no reward.

wartune5.2 Discover Treasure: Randomly receive one item.

wartune5.3 Find the Scholars: Randomly receive one item.

wartune5.4 Guide: Randomly teleports you to an exploration spot.

wartune5.5 Outland Crystal Altar: Receive Outland Crystals.

wartune5.6 Haunted Graveyard: You lose 50% HP.

wartune5.7 Treasure Thief: Defeat Treasure Thief to receive rare items. Failure gives no reward.

Players may exit Outland Exploration at any time. But when they enter again, they must spend Exploration Points and the map will be refreshed.