1. Central Crystal Reward

Players may collect Outland Crystals from the Central Crystal. The party that occupies the Central Crystal will have an extra attempt to collect Outland Crystals.

2.Central Crystal War


2.1 Players participate in the Central Crystal War as a party unit. There are 4 spots on the event panel, a spot for each party. Each party can attack the other 3 parties. Each

2.2 Players can see a [Bless] icon on their party's info panel and an [Attack] icon on other enemy parties'. Players can click the [Bless] icon to open the blessing panel.

2.3 The number of remaining defenders, Party Points and Point Rankings will be displayed on the party info panel.

2.4 There will be 4 event rounds every day. All parties will be ranked based on points. Points will be reset after a round ends. The party that wins first on the Point Rankings will occupy the Central Crystal by default the following day.

3. Bless


3.1 During the event, parties may obtain bonuses from Attack and Defense Blessings.

3.2 Use Attack Blessing once to increase ATK and HP for own party's attackers by 1%. Use Defense Blessing once to increase ATK and HP for own party's defenders by 1%.

3.3 Blessings have a limit of 500%. When the limit is hit, players can no longer bless.

4. Defense


4.1 At the top right of the event screen, the Four Generals' situation and number of remaining defenders will be displayed. The Four Generals will appear one by one when at 75%, 50%, and 25% or when only 1 defender left. Other members are arranged randomly.

4.2 When Party A attacks Party B, B's defending team members will strike back according to the arranged sequence. When a defending team successfully strikes back, its members' individual attributes (Blessing Attributes + Four Generals Attributes) will be reduced. The reduced percentage will be shown below the Four Generals' icons.

4.3 When the defending party's defenders are defeated, a Defending NPC will show up and stay until the battle round ends.

5. Defending Team

Defending forces can be divided into Defending Teams and Four Generals.

5.1 The Defending Team consists of party members. When a player's status shows “Defending,” it means that the member has yet to attack or be defeated. When it shows "Defeated," the member has been defeated and cannot attack anymore. The status will be reset following each battle round.


5.2 The Guild Leader or Asst. Guild Master can appoint 4 members to be the Four Generals. When the Four Generals are in a defensive state, they will be granted extra attribute bonuses (the bonuses will expire when they launch an attack). Other guild members can see the Four Generals but cannot change them.

6. Energy

6.1 The Energy limit relates to character level. Lvl. 80 and below players can have up to 100 Energy, Lvl. 80+ players can have up to 300, and players who have finished class advancement up to 600.

6.2 Energy will recover at various intervals. Players below Lvl. 80 recover 20 Energy every hour, Lvl. 80+ players 50, and players who have finished class advancement 100. Energy will not increase any more when limit is reached. Players can hover their mouse over Energy to view details.

6.3 Players can also use Balens to recover Energy. But they cannot recover Energy when their Energy limit has been reached.

6.4 Attacking other guilds and blessing will consume a certain amount of Energy.

7 Point Rules

7.1 Use Attack and Defense Blessings to obtain corresponding amounts of points.

7.2 Successfully defeat another guild to get 2% of that Guild's Points. Defeat the enemy guild's Four Generals to obtain extra points. When 2% of the defeated guild's points is less than 200, the successful guild will only get 200 points.

7.3 Parties will be ranked in real time based on Party Points. Players can check the rankings on the event panel. At the end of each round, rewards will be issued based on Party Points. Settlement rewards for the day will be issued after the final round for the day ends.