1. Outland Requirements:

1.1 Before entering the Outland contest, Guild Leaders will need to spend 500,000 Guild Wealth to enroll their guilds. Guilds may then join outland events the following day. Event duration is based on months. One event session consists of 3 real life months. After a session ends, the system will redistribute all Guilds and parties and reset all posts. Guild Leaders should use Guild Wealth to enroll their Guilds in the events on the 1st day of January, April, July and October.

2. Outland Matching Rules:

2.1 The system will match guilds from the same server group into teams based on Guild Battle Rating and the number of enrolled guilds. Each team has 4 parties with each party including at least 2 guilds.
2.2 When outland events have started for any given month, guilds that enroll midway will join the party with the lowest Battle Rating.
2.3 When outland events for a month start, if a guild is dismissed midway, all guild members from that guild will be removed from the party.

3. Entering Outland

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Players may click the "Outland" button at the top of the screen, or use the Outland portal in Cloud City to enter. The Outland portal will become red when Post Grab or the Central Crystal War is underway.

4. Outland Panel


4.1 Players can see 5 continents on the Outland map. At the very beginning, four parties occupy the continents at each of the four corners, as well as an equal part of the middle continent.
4.2 You may click a continent to enter. Check images below to see how it looks upon entering a continent: