1. Event Rewards

Outland Crystals will be distributed based the number of posts occupied by each party. You may collect outland rewards every day by clicking the icon at the top of the outland screen.

Reward Icon:wartune

2. Declare War

When Post Grab unlocks, Guild Leaders in a party may declare war on an adjacent post. Each party can only declare war 2 times. Players may click a post that is being contested to join. When two parties are at war, members from both parties can only join their own party's faction. Other parties can only join the party with fewer people. Each faction can have up to 30 players. 5 minutes before the Post Grab ends, players can no longer join.

3. Battlefield

Post Grab participants will be sent to the battlefield as shown below:


3.1.1 The attacking party and defending party point bars can be seen at the top of the battlefield. The first party to earn full points or the party with more points when time runs out wins.

3.1.2 Players may enter the battlefield 3 minutes before to prepare themselves for the battle. But they can only wait on the two sides of the battlefield and cannot enter the post during this time.

3.1.3 There are 9 posts on the battlefield. Both parties can kill enemies or occupy posts to earn points. Having more occupied posts will accelerate the increase rate for points.

3.1.4 Players may click nearby posts to move around, but they cannot move to the enemy base. Players may attack an enemy post or a neutral post and can defend their own posts. A

3.1.5 There is a 14 second cooldown after each move.

3.1.6 If an enemy post is not guarded by anyone, it will be automatically occupied by the attacking party. If a post is guarded when a party attacks, one of the defenders will fight back. If no defenders are available, the attacking party will automatically occupy the post.

3.1.7 Defeated players will revive in the base.