Dear players,

Recently we received some complains on our Hall of Fame Event.”Why the

Battlerating in finalist of official wartune is much higher than R2Games? It’s

unfair!” We got all these messages and keep this on our mind, waiting for a

proper chance to explain.

On the issue of the difference in the Hall of Fame battleratings,explanations-

are as follows: is the general agent of wartune game, which decided our

longer time in operating it, and this official website is also our only real home i-

n North America. Though there are less servers than R2GAMES, we are pro-

viding the best services by arranging more exclusive recharge events, riche-

r consumptive bonus and most speicial rewards. We are the most compreh-

ensive wartune gaming platform for you. After our careful analysis, we found

the player battlerating in our servers must be 2000 points higher than those-

of same level in R2Games! So that’s the differences between Our Hall¬†of Fa-

me event and that of R2GAMES.

At this point, all of you can find it a proper event setting. A lord of the whole w-

orld is quite different from a lord of the country. Battlerating is the base fac-tor

to be the strongest, We need the strongest to enter our Hall of Fame, to be th-

e strongest in our wartune, then you be the strongest in the whole North wart-


Show your trilling power to knock down all your foes, making them tremble be-

cause of your strongest detterent force.

Use your battle rating to claim your lord statu. Come on!