1. Offline Exp Reward

If a player has not logged in Wartune for 24 hours, the system will accumulate offline exp for him/her. Once the player logs in game again, he/she will have a double exp boost until his/her offline exp storage is zero.

2. Equipment Show

Players can use “shift+left click” to show equipments and astrals in chat channel.

3. Double Honor Scroll

30 minutes after use, Honor received from defeating players increases by 100%.

4. Quick Join

Player can click “Quick Join” to go into a room in Arena instantly. (Full rooms and locked rooms are not included.)

5. Rose

Players can give roses to increase friendliness. Those who receive roses will have their charm increased and may possibly be on the Charm Ranking board!

6. World Prosperity Degree

Players whose level are lower than the average level of the top 100 players in their server, they will get an exp boost.

7. MP Dungeons:

Moonevil Den (lvl60-lvl65)

Demon Temple (lvl65-lvl70)

8. The Void Abyss Instances

Bloodnite Canyon (lvl60-lvl62)

Palace of Flame (lvl62-lvl64)

Hall of Judgment (lvl64-lvl66)

Lost Soul Cemetery (lvl64-lvl66)

Palace of Corruption (lvl66-lvl68)

Throne Room of Destruction (lvl68-lvl70)

Cursed Lair (lvl68-lvl70)

 9. Level 50-60 Equipments for All Classes ( lvl60 set and lvl55 Arena set)

10. World Boss Buff

Players can purchase buffs by vouchers or baleens in World Boss battles.

11. Daily Event

Players can quickly check and join our events!

12. Guild Construction Cooldown

No need to wait now!

 13. Duel in Altar of Ennoblement

Players can do more in Altar of Ennoblement and never feel boring!

 14. Beast Soul Point

Whenever a player activates a beast soul, he/she will get beast soul point.

 15. Beast Soul Point Ranking

The beast soul points that have been activated will be accumulated automatically by system.