Wartune v2.1 is a great update, with the new Cloud-city and Sylph system, which gives you a truly epic experience. As well, we will keep a high quality of service for every player. So if anyone has confusion about Cloud-city, please click the GM button on the top right corner of the game for help, or leave messages to us on our fanpage.

Q: Failed Log-in of Version 2.1?

A: We suggest you to try to clear the browse cookies. After that, please restart the browser. If the problem still exists, please change another browser to have a try.


Q: Is your friend list empty?

A: If like so, please exit your game, and try to log in again, or send tickets to us.

Q: Where are your vouchers?

A: Vouchers will now become Bound Balens at a 20:1 ratio. You can obtain Bound Balens via events, completing dungeons and via the Guild Altar. Bound Balens cannot be used for Gold/Daru Alchemy, Class War Wagers, Rune Refining, and the Wheel of Fate or to buy VIP Cards, Spirit Covenant, or hot items in the Shop.

You can use Bound Balens to purchase items in the shop, except VIP Cards, Spirit Covenant and Hot.

You can spend Bound Balens to train your mount.

You can use Bound Balens to recover EXP.

You can use Bound Balens to Speed-up Blitz.

Q:Are there any changes in daily World Boss?

A:Because players all over the world play game in different time zones, we change 3 attempts to 2 attempts in daily World Boss, but each attempt you will gain more benefits.