V2.0 version of Wartune, there will be a new magnificent luxuriant City floating in the clouds. That is “Cloud City”. Bounty, Multiplayer Dungeon, and Arena will now be only accessible by talking to corresponding NPC in Cloud City. All players gather here to enjoy the wonderful journey of “Sky”.

  1. Required Level:

         Cloud City: Lvl.15

  1. Features

      How to enter: Click the “Cloud City” icon to enter the Square Center in the Cloud City.

      Gather players: Players can get together by arriving in “Cloud City”.

      Follow: The player can follow another one in the Cloud City.

      Shield: You can shield the image, Guild, Title and any other information of other players, but keep their characters’ name in the Cloud City.

Communication: You can communicate with any other players. Click the player, and then select the list beside the Character’s Info to operate.

  1. Main Functions


     Required Level: ChallengeSolo(Lvl.11)、Arena(Party)(Lvl.22)

     How to participate: Click the NPC of Cloud City-Arena, and the interface of Arena will be showed.


Required Level: Lvl.17

How to participate: Click Cloud City-Square-Bounty Bulletin Board and the interface of Bounty will be showed.

Hall of Heroes

Required Level: Lvl.20

How to participate: Click the NPC of Cloud City-Hall of Heroes, and the interface of Hall of Heroes will be showed.

Mystery Shop

Required Level: Lvl.26

How to participate: Click the NPC of Cloud City- Market, and the interface of Mystery Shop will be showed.

Sylph Sylph Atoll, Sylph Arena and Sylph Exchange

Required Level: Lvl.50

How to participate: You can enjoy various features from the NPC of Sylph Atoll, Sylph Arena and Sylph Exchange in the Cloud City.