Forge a hammer and smash Easter Eggs!
Duration: Apr. 18th - Apr. 28th
Wartune invites you to forge your own hammer and smash together some Easter Eggs! Rewards will be sent to all servers after you smash the eggs!
1. Click on the "Forge" button to forge the hammer. Once it reaches 300, 1000 and 2000 times, the hammer will be available for players to crack the eggs. There are 3 kinds of rewards for 3 different kinds of eggs. Each Easter Egg can only be smashed for 1 time.
2. Share the event and you will have an extra chance! Each player has 2 chances to click the Forge button in total.
Info:Rewards will be sent to all servers within 3 working days and apply to both Proficient City and Kongergate.

Ooops! The hammer is not available yet. Share this on the event page and ask your friends to help you!

Forged successfully! Share the event for the first time to claim one more chance! Tell your friends and win rewards!

Congratulationa! You're the No.xxx player to forge the hammer, now you can use it to smash eggs! Go crack the egg!

Shared successfully! Thanks for participating!

Shared successfully for the first time! You have 1 more change to forge the hammer. Thanks for participating!

Ooops! You don’t have any more chances. Share this event with your friends and ask them for help!

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Ooops! The event ended! Thanks for supporting Wartune. Hope you enjoy the game!

Oooops! Someone has smashed the egg! Rewards will be sent to all servers later. Tell your friends to help you get more rewards!

You smashed the egg! The reward will be sent to all servers within 3 working days. Remember to check you in-game mailbox. Also, you won a gift code for participating: ******.