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[Wartune]Astro System(part1)
Date: 2012-05-24
You can enter into Astro through “Astro” button in function bar or click shortcut key “H”.
 Under Astro interface, there are five water crystals. From left to right, the level become higher and higher.
 You can click water crystal to divine so that you can acquire random Astrals.
 The higher level water crystal it is, the more chance you can get rare Astrals.Each time you capture a star, you have a random chance of unlocking a higher level water crystal.Only water crystal of level 1 can be click continually.
 Astro needs to spend gold. The higher level water crystal it is, the more gold you need to spend.
 The Astrals you have acquired from Astro will list on the top of the interface.
 The unlocking state of the water crystal will not be clear. If all your five water crystals are unlocking at present, when you log out and reassess, five water crystals are still unlocking.

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