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[New][Halloween] Special Events Notice


Time to call your friends and have a Halloween Party in Wartune! See what events are waiting for you:

Wartune - Enjoy your Halloween party.


Wartune - Enjoy your Halloween party.

1. Halloween Egg Event

Rewards Preview: Title Cards ”Halloween Night Title Card“ and "Halloween Warrior Title Card"; Halloween Pumpkin used to exchange the theme suit "Hallowed Specter".

Duration: 10/28 -11/3

2. Halloween Activity

Rewards Preview: The Spirit Covenant Card (2 hours) that can be used in the dungeon Archaeology.

Duration: 10/28 -11/3

3.Bargain Shop

Rewards Preview: Useful items used in upgrading Goddess.

Duration: 10/28-10/31

4. Wishing Pond

Rewards Preview: Newly added fashion suit "Mystic Night".

Duration: 10/28 - 10/31