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[New]Wartune Server Reconstruction Announcement 7/24



Dear Warriors,

To celebrate Wartune's 7th Anniversary and offer you much better gaming experience, we're going to reconstruct the server groups of All Proficientcity servers. The reconstruction will take place together with July 25th’s server maintenance and will affect US West players on the following aspects:

1. Confusion might be caused to the rankings of cross-server events (such as one guild displaying on two different cross-server rankings). This will automatically fix the next day when the rankings reset.

2. After the reconstruction, cross-server events on US West servers on that day will not work properly. This will automatically fix when matchmaking is performed next time for cross-server events.

3. Registration data could be lost on that day, players might need to re-register for some cross-server events.

4. Cross-server friends will be removed from friend list.We would like to apologize for the inconvenience that may be caused and thank you for your understanding.


Also, we would like to compensate all US West server players with the following items:

Bravestone x2000

Hailstone x3000

Apollo's Might x2000

Dwarven Silver x3000

Outland Crystal x1000

Blood of Zeus x100

Essence of Zeus x50

Bound Balens x50