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[New]Wartune Patch 8.6 Official Launch Announcement 6/27


All servers will be offline for maintenance from 1:00 am to 3:00 am, June 27th 2019. Please leave the game in advance to avoid any unnecessary loss. Thanks for your understanding and support!
Wartune Patch 8.6 will be available in all servers after the maintenance!
Patch Note:
1. 1. Dragon Soul - Dragon Soul has awakened. All mortals shall tremble before its true power!
2. Goddess Accessory - The evils are dominating the Demon Continent...Take up arms and fight alongside Goddesses in an epic battle for honor and glory! May your Goddesses always protect you.
3. Path to Redemption - Darkness looms over Gaia once more! The dark legion seeks to re-open the entrance to Gaia. Get through the door to redemption bravely! The Goddesses will be always on your side.
4. Added 5 Cuties: Soul Worm, Spirit Worm, Soul Slasher, Gun of Spirigoth and Spirigar's Shield. New Cuties can be summoned through the Matrix.
5. New Cuties chapter. Upon completing chapter 3 Fetid Swap, new character - chapter 4 Deathly Sands will unlock. Bring your most experienced Cuties with the most powerful skills and prove your worth in the Deathly Sands!
6. Added upgrade quest line to Experience system which is unlocked after class advancement. Sophia also puts large quantities of special packs in the Experience panel to help you achieve your goals more quickly!

7. Optimized Dragonchant skill. After heroic efforts made in Demon Continent, the Dragonchant pioneers have mastered powerful skills and fight styles. Eventually, they made a triumphant return and the lords are inducted into the skills of combat.

(Note: After the update every lord's Dragonchant battle rating might slightly decrease because 2 Dragonchant passive skills "Threat", "Inheritance"and "Dragon Scale" have been removed from the game.)

8. Now players with over 10 million Battle Rating can sign up as Antaeus Aider corresponding to player feedback.
9. Invitation from players in the Blacklist will no longer be received corresponding to player feedback.
10. Party Hall has been added to League Rumble corresponding to player feedback. Players may select party to participate in the event on the day they register.
11. The stack limit for Will Gear, Willpower Talent Stone and EXP Talisman has been increased to 9999 corresponding to player feedback.
12. Benefits for starters: materials required for Rare and Legendary Artifacts have been reduced.
13. Optimized battle effect for Goddess to reduce lag based on player feedback.
14. Optimized Tree of Ancients prize pool - players can now view item types and amounts available in the pool.
15. Optimized Gacha prize pool - players can now view all items available in the pool instead of just 9 items previously.
16. Optimized display layout for Gems synthesis.
17. Updated description for certain items.
18. Modified some translations.
Wartune - a strategic RPG browser game
Wartune - a strategic RPG browser game

Wartune game is a 2.5D real-time RPG + Strategic browser game. The game uses 3D render 2D technology so the players can enjoy the maximum visual experience. At the beginning, players will focus on developing their castle and finishing challenging quests. As the story unfolds, they will face monsters from the pits of hell itself. At which point they will need to recruit troops and allies. The road is long, but the reward is your Kingdom!


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