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[New][Big Event] Easter Events




The brave Grand Master Archaeologists have found the ticket to the unknown land in their expedition, and have predicted that there are abundant amount of Easter Egg in there that could grant endless power to mankind. Call on your friends to join this adventure!  


1. Icons on the Menu


2. Egg Event page in Game Hall;



[Gameplay Info]


1. Obtaining tickets:

· After the Event is activated, each day at 0 o’clock 5 tickets are given to players for free (not removed if unused);

· After the Event is activated, players can click on Hunt Eggs to Archaeology. Drops are added to Archaeology, every time a player is successful in exploration, chances are they’ll win a ticket and an Easter Egg reward (Drop may also happen when entering Archaeology from places other than the Event);

· After the Event begins, enter the game and click on the “+” to the right of “tickets” to buy ticket; 




2. Dungeon Preparation Page:

· Open the Event Page, click on the icon in the middle to challenge the Monster, at first only 1 Dungeon will show, and the next one will appear after the first one is cleared; 




· Click on the Dungeon to the Party page, players can click on one Dungeon to join different Parties or create Dungeon by themselves;




· Once the player enters the Party Hall, they can accept invitations to join the Dungeon they hadn’t opened; but after clearance only the entry for the Dungeon of lowest level (opened the earliest) among the uncleared Dungeons will be shown;

· Players can check current Buff types on the right side; 




3. Dungeon:

a. Battle Settings:

· In the Party Hall, click Start to start a battle. The Monsters come in waves and the boss comes last. A surprise boss may appear after the boss, when it’s cleared the player earns an extra reward;·

· With each wave of boss comes Damnation buff, including Reflected Damage buff, Restore HP buff and DMG buff;

b. Rewards:

· The players will only receive Treasure Chest (Easter Egg) corresponding the highest level wave of Monsters;

· When a player clears a wave of Monsters a blessing of corresponding Dungeon will be given, repeating blessings will be upgraded until limit is met;

· If a teammate in a Party has an overall blessing buff 10 levels or more lower than his/her own level (beginner, ignoring the number), the reward will be upgraded for 10% (rounded down)

· Players can buy Spring Blessings in the Main Panel (Easter Egg boost buff), with the buff Easter Egg collected from the Dungeon will multiply in 3 times. With each buying the blessings will be effective for 35 times and one will be deducted each time it’s effective. After the Event has ended, effective times will be reset to 0; 



4. Lucky Draw Shop

· Consume n Easter Egg for one Lucky Draw and receive one reward, consume 10*n Easter Egg for 10 Lucky Draw and receive 10 rewards;

· Items in the Prize Pool will not re-appear after they’re drawn. Items will be refreshed when the player clicks on Refresh Prizes or the Prize Pool refreshes itself when there’s nothing left;

· There are Special Items in the Prize Pool, players cannot refresh the pool until all Special items are drawn;

· Each time only 1 Item will drop from the Prize Pool;