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[New]Wartune Patch 8.5 Pre-Launch Announcement 4/10


Wartune will be having Patch 8.5 Pre-Launch Maintenance on 10th of April at 08:00 PM PDT. It's expected to take 2 to 3 hours, please be ready to log off.
Under the suggestion of most of our Heroes, the Guild Siege V2.0 modified version will be released on April 11 in the Pre-release Servers! In the meantime, the Guild Siege in the Pre-release Servers will not function any longer. Players will be compensated in the next Patch release. 
P.S. The Athena's Shop, The Imperial Shop, Dreamland Shop and Army Shop will be closed permanently with the Pre-release. Heroes, please make sure to exchange the remaining currency in time.
Thank you for your suggestions and supports.
The Pre-Launch Servers includes:
S491,S509,S514,S559, S560, S608, S609, S610, S611,S612, and S625)