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[New]Wartune Official Group Announcement 12/12


Result of Moderators
Hello! We have been checking all the candidates and we have selected the following users to become official moderators of the Facebook Group:

ShadowOfDark s147
Koram s6
Stormangel s247

These three players have played Wartune for more than 5 years and possess the necessary knowledge to become great moderators. They will help manage this group and make you enjoy Wartune more than ever. Providing tips and strategies, sharing their game knowledge, keeping track of the posts in the group and dealing with any issues or rule infringement.

Welcome to the family!

Here are some details about the work the moderators will do:

1. The first moderators are ShadowOfDark from s147, Koram from s6 and Stormangel from s247. They will be given these rights to manage this group:
- Confirm the requirements for the group
- Manage posts
- Delete the posts and comments
- Remove or block the members from the group
- Pin or unpin posts
2. The moderators ought to help players in this group to experience a better gameplay. All discussions should be focused on the game.
3. The moderators will be under the supervision of the Wartune team and all the players in this group. If there is any question or doubt about them, you are welcome to report it to the Wartune Team Admins.
4. The 3 moderators will be under probation for three months. By the end Mar. 12th, 2019 they will keep their positions as moderators in this group if no problems arise. The Wartune Official Team will keep track of the group and decide if there’s a need to change moderators.

5. Any official in-game information in this group should rely only on the Wartune Official Team.