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[New]Wartune Update Maintenance 11/29


The following servers listed below will go offline for maintenance from 01:00 to 03:00, 29th November 2018. (PST)










Please leave the game in advance before maintenance or update time to avoid unnecessary loss. If there is an emergency that causes extension of the downtime, we’ll announce separately then. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and support.

Patch Notes:

1. Dragonchant Clothing: Dragonchanters protect the ancient ruins and keep peace on their land. They are not welcomed by the humans, for what they defend is the incarnation of evil - Dragons. Dragonchanters have strong, hardened bodies and also resemble perfect harmony between wisdom and beauty.

2. League Rumble: the new Party PVP gameplay is launched, sign up with your fixed party. Fight for a special Title and gain your own Cloud City Statue!

3. New Guild features - a more united and friendly guild can always attract more talents. Take a look at what the new guild has brought us!

I. Guild Devotion Quest: added Daily and Weekly Guild Devotion Rewards.

II. Guild Dungeons: all members, come and discover the power of a faster and stronger BOSS to become the No.1 Cross Server Guild in Progress!

III. Guild - Dwarven Silver Shop: guild warriors have won large amounts of Dwarven Silver from doing guild dungeons. Let's take a look at what kinds of items they can redeem.

IV. Guild Altar: pray and get the blessings of the Deities. Find out what the Deities are preparing for us in V8.3!

V. Quest Academy: Guild Quests Beginner School is added to help the newcomers. Gain your Personal Merit here!

VI. Guild Merchant: Guild Merchant becomes more powerful with more talents. Dear Guild Masters, please arrange welfare for our guild warriors!

VII. Master Skill Tower: a place to research and learn advanced Master Skills!

VIII. Guild Siege: to attack, to defense or to harass? Which strategy will bring our Guild the victory? Fight in the new Guild Siege and gain battle success! The winner’s name will appear in the center of Cloud City for everyone to admire.



4. Game Hall: What has Angelina been working on recently? Try the new mini games in the new version:

I. Minesweeper: is it luck or trap ahead? Enter the stage with your party to see!

II. Dimension Crisis: together we discuss the best route in such a wild world.

III. Speed Clearance: old Beling is going to retire and return to Magic Inn. Angelina will take over Speed Clearance and compete with us.

5. Cauldron V2.0 - Player Benefit: the Cauldron grants powerful buffs and bonuses, use it wisely!

6. VIP Wheel rewards adjusted - Player Benefit: the VIP Wheel now has more Training Items. Turn the Wheel yourself!

7. Fishing Time optimized - Player Benefit: added a new fishing time period (Noon).

8. Defend Sylph Atoll Rage gain increased - Player Benefit: players now have an easier time summoning Sylph Atoll BOSS!

9. Class restrictions removed for Runes - Player Benefit: added a learnable Purification Rune for Mages, a learnable Purge Rune to Hunters, and a learnable Guardian Rune for Knights!

10. Wheel of Fate rewards doubled.

11. Athena's War replaced by League Rumble: League Rumble is a new game feature designed to replace Athena's War, an event to be retired when the new version is launched. It is suggested that players who possess Athena's Tear should exchange them as soon as possible.

12. Imperial War replaced by Guild Siege: Guild Siege is designed to replace an original feature - Imperial War, which will not function any longer soon as the new feature is launched. It is suggested that players who possess Yarama Coins should exchange them as soon as possible.

13. Hero Trial retired: Hero Trial will not function any longer soon as the new version arrives. It is suggested that players who possess Faction Medal should exchange them as soon as possible.

14. Dreamland retired: Dreamland will not function any longer soon as the new version arrives. It is suggested that players who possess Secret Medal should exchange them as soon as possible.

15. Updated the description of some items.

16. Fixed some language issues.