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[New]Update Notice in V8.3 11/26


Notice of Updated Gameplay in V8.3

Dear Warriors, 
Athena’s War and Imperial War of this season will end in advance with the launch of Version 8.3 on Dec. 6th (Nov. 29th for Pre-launch Server). Also, we considered the advice from our Warriors to delete Hero Trial and Dreamland at the same time as above, so please exchange the remaining Athena’s Tear, Yarama Coin, Faction Medal, and Secret Medal in advance.
In the past two years since the launch of Athena’s War and Imperial War, our Warriors have put a lot of love to the two Cross Server gameplays and have sent us many valuable suggestions. We really appreciated your support! Based on the advice of our Warriors, we have created for the upcoming version a brand-new Cross Server Party gameplay, diverse features in Guild, and fresh mini-games in Game Hall. They will be waiting for your arrival.

Thank you for your tolerance and support for Wartune. See you in V8.3!