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[New]The mid-year July PVP Honor Announcement 8/7


Dear players,

The American Independence Day Celebration and the mid-year July PVP Honor month will soon conclude. The Essences of Zeus, Star Crystals, Moon Crystals, Sun Crystals, Pennant Ascension Stones, Pennant Engrave Stones and Resonance Crystals will not be available for exchange in Athena, Ares, Imperial War, and Hero Trial's Army Shop starting on 8/9/2018. Go get 'em while you still have the chance!

Wartune's 6th anniversary celebration will begin after the maintenance. Slay dragons, harvest resources, plunder lords, and challenge lords in a brand new 3-way PVP playmode - Wartopia. Follow the announcements on the official website for updates, we'll see you in Wartopia!