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[New][Wartune 7.8] Dragonchant: Potency




Any dragon is capable of creating its own legend. They possess the potential to master their own strengths and fly high in the sky when that wind comes.

Practicing Dragonchant day by day, each warrior on the land of Gaia believes that some day they can tap into the inner potential within them. They believe that any dragon is capable of becoming a legend.



Dragonchant - Potency



[Gameplay Info]

1. Potency Rules

All Potency skills are passive and will only work during Dragonchant form. Potency cannot be inherited by the character.

There are 4 types of potency skills. The first type offers attribute bonuses for character; the second increases set effect rate for 2-piece Talismans; the third increases 4-piece Talismans set effect chance; the fourth affects awakening points acquisition each turn. Potency unlocks with the growth of player's class advancement level.

Each type has 3 different skills. Players may activate one of the skills, based on their preference.

Each skill has 3 star-rating. Activate a Potency skill to gain a Potency skill of random star rating.



2. Potency Panel Introduction

Potency Skill Requirement (Different type of Potency skills unlock when character's advancement level reaches 2/4/6/8)

Activated Potency Skills

Available Potency Skills



3. Activate/Replace Skills


3 Skills Icons (Click to select the Potency skill you want to activate. The first skill is selected by default.)

Star-rating of Different Skills (Activate a Potency skill to gain a Potency skill of random star rating. Activated Potency skill can be replaced with a skill of different star-rating.)

Corresponding Info of Different Star-rating Skills

Required Material (Current/Required)



Yellow Perfume  Green Perfume  Cyan Perfume  Red Perfume  Blue Perfume  Purple Perfume  Dragon's Whisper