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[New]Wartune Pre-Launch Maintenance Announcement 12/04


Servers (S1,S2,S13,S14,S18,S30,S34,S35,S38,S41,S46,S47,S48,S50,S52,S60,S61,S63,S64,S65,S66,
S491,S509,S514,S559, and S560) will go offline for update maintenance from 01:00 12th April to 03:00 12th April 2018(PST), lasting for 120 minutes.
Those servers will be pre-released with the new Version 7.8 of Wartune after this maintenance.
Please leave the game in advance before maintenance or update time to avoid unnecessary loss. If there is any emergency that causes extension of the downtime, we’ll announce separately then. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and support. 
Enjoy Wartune!
Patch Notes:
1. Castle Wars - A large wave of monsters are attacking our guild. Fight them and defend our castle. There shall be a great feast if we win this war!
2. Eudaemon and Willpower Patrol & Bounty - Based on player feedback, Willpower officially enters the field of Eudaemon Patrol and Bounty. The old Eudaemon Patrol feature will be combined with the Eudaemon Bounty to welcome the joining of Willpower!
3. World BOSS optimization: The World BOSSES acquire a damage absorption shield that lasts 5 minutes. Want to know what happens? Just go fight the BOSSES!
4. Devotion panel optimization: Based on player feedback, reward information is added on the devotion panel.
5. Fixed the displacement issue with some Mounts.
6. Optimized the display rules for the top icons.