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[New]Wartune Maintenance Announcement 12/07


All servers will go offline for update maintenance from 00:30, 7th December to 03:30, 7th December 2017. (PST), lasting for 180 minutes. After the maintenance, Wartune Patch 7.7 will be launched on all severs!

Please leave the game in advance before maintenance or update time to avoid unnecessary loss. If there is any emergency that causes extension of the downtime, we’ll announce separately then. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and support. 
Enjoy Wartune!
Maintain content including:
1. Dragonchant system - Become a dragon chanter and eradicate the evil forces within the Time Cavern in the Titan City! 
2. Time Vortex - Inside the Time Cavern, the Bosses that have already been defeated are trying to escape and invade the Continent through the time passage... 
3. New Battleground: Ice-fire Peak - Who will be able to dominate the new battleground of ice and fire and create a new legend? 
4. Boosted Titan Temple Buff - The Titan Temple buff has been boosted, based on player feedback. 
5. Player Benefit - Based on the needs of players, price of items in Athena's Shop, Ares Shop and The Imperial Shop have been adjusted and Holy Sword, Willpower, Eudaemon and Relic item exchanges have been added to those shops. 
6. Player Benefit - Daily Check-in rewards and check-in rewards for VIP4+ have been improved! 
7. Some of the system features can now be used by spending Bound Balens. 
8. New items have been added to the Mystery Shop. Why not go check them out? 
9. Post-knight Talent panel optimization: Amount of Talent Stones owned will be displayed in the Talent panel after class is knighted. 
10. When improving Holy Sword Inscriptions, fixed an issue which caused materials to be used up even while stored in the Guild Vault. 
11. Updated item descriptions with their obtainable sources. 
12. Optimized the display rules for the top icons. 
13. When having Angel of Light or Void Emissary deployed, fixed the display issue where the opponent‘s HP bar was occasionally not cleared after their death.