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[New]Marvelous Relic System Ahead, Wartune Patch 7.6 Officially Launches


 Wartune New features in Patch 7.6 introduction 

Wartune officially launches its Patch 7.6 in October on all servers. Wartune’s new update for Patch 7.6 unlocks some amazing features and events: the New Relic system brings players an epic journey of creating mysterious weapons, the Relic system increases player’s battle ranking significantly with a lot of added stats. Some new features include Lord’s Trial, Hero Trial and Eudaemon Domain. New weekly dungeon Broken Space will help players obtain fantasy rewards if they complete the dungeon as fast as possible.  


Relic System

After the Titans began to abuse their power and ravage the land, warriors amassed a group of excellent blacksmiths in secret and had them forge 12 different relics. They placed the shards of these artifacts in every corner of the land so that civilians could find and collect them to fight back against their once guardians turned tormentors...Activate the relic could improve players’ stats immensely. For the sake of saving the world and the fallen souls, lords need to pick up their artifact to change the future.



Broken Space

With the aid of Willpower, warriors were able to finally overcome the demons in Blood Inferno and seal the area. Unfortunately, some careless soldiers did a sloppy job sealing their part of the area resulting in the occasional re-opening of a small section. Help close the gap to prevent a demonic invasion and get rewards! Enter the Broken Space to be a demon slayer!


Hero Trail

Hero Trial is a brand new PVP Tournament. Players can enjoy nonstop fight and outstanding battles in this mode. We will never forget fighting side by side with our true friends. Nothing lasts forever, but we still have the weapons in our hands and we will use them while we still can. We must be true heroes if we are to overcome the challenges that lay ahead. We will split the sky in two if it tries to bury us and crush the earth if it attempts to get in our way. Be victorious in this new battle mode and have the statue built in Cloud City for others to worship!


Lord’s Trial

Relics are a powerful resource for any great warrior; however, the materials required to complete Relics are numerous and often difficult to come by. Thus, the Lord's Trial was developed to train great heroes in a maze-like adventure to find and collect the necessary materials for the Relics. This is a totally new daily event to get materials. Although Titan cannot be used in this dangerous battlefield, Relics will be a powerful ally in this quest.


Eudaemon Domain

The Evolved Eudaemon Arena is online now! Players can have their Eudaemons and Willpowers compete separately to get higher wining rates. As a fierce weekly tournament, Eudaemons Domain is the best replacement for the Eudaemon Arena, it gives new rewards, rules and daily challenges!


Adventure in Wartune never ends. New challenges are waiting for brave players.


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About Proficient City

Proficient City, a branch of Game Hollywood, is an international online game company with offices in China, Europe, and Montreal. They specialize in innovating operations and strive for a perfect balance of content, gameplay and storyline.




About Wartune

Wartune is a thrilling RPG + Strategic browser game, which received the Facebook Staff Favorite award in 2013 and the Facebook Top Asian Game award in 2014 and has a pretty large fanbase worldwide. Players can choose from three different classes for their characters, hire and obtain new units, change their formation and create strategies to fight against different enemies.


Summoning legendary warriors and creatures is also another key feature of the game. The battles have a deep strategy system that will need players to customize their armies. They will also have the opportunity to possess their own city and fight to protect it thanks to the PvP and PvE features. Player versus players is probably one of the most popular features of Wartune,


Players can compete with any player from around the world or join forces to defeat Bosses and other enemies. And all that combined with its amazing 3D rendered 2D graphics that are still one of the bests in the market.