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[New]Wartune has prepared many surprises for Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all players! Do you have anybody special you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? You can join our event to celebrate! Click on the link to join the event:


First Prize (10 winners): Gold x 5M, Daru x 5M, Advanced Henna x 300, Monthly Chest x 10, 999 Roses x 1.

Second Prize (20 winners): Gold x 2,5M, Daru x 2,5M, Advanced Henna x 200, Monthly Chest x 5, 99 Roses x 2.

Third Prize (30 winners): Gold x 1M, Daru x 1M, Advanced Henna x 100, Monthly Chest x 2, 99 Roses x 1.


Duration: From February 14th to February 17th.


Note: Every time 60 players click on Devote the statue will open a little bit. We need 300 players to make it completely open and have the chance to win more rewards! If the statue opens very early in the event, players will still have the opportunity to click on Devote and win some rewards. For more details, players can check the Event Rules in the link.


Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to be kind to your friends and your loved ones. The statue is waiting for you to celebrate this day with Wartune’s community. Participate and share some love!


You can follow us to be updated on more events and rewards!


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