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[New]Wartune Player Strategies for Patch 6.3


Wartune was upgraded to patch 6.3 on Dec. 8th, 2016. Lots of new exciting features have been added, such as the Athena's War, the Ares War, the Magic Square and Road to Glory. They challenge players by putting their experience and skills to test.

Wartune, a thrilling RPG + strategy browser game has a great number of passionate players throughout these past 5 years. Many players eventually become experienced veterans and are always willing to help any newcomers, which is what makes the community great.

New challenges come with patch 6.3, so start preparing your new strategies! And, of course, don’t forget to share them with us.

We are collecting strategies and tips related to the new features in patch 6.3. Strategies will be divided in two groups, the short comments and the detailed comments.


All handed strategies should be related to these themes: Athena's War, the Ares War, the Magic Square, Road to Glory and the Imperial War.

Short Comment
Strategy within one to three sentences, which should be handed in by commenting below the event post in Wartune’s Official Facebook Fan Page (

Detailed Comment
Complete strategy essays, over 250 words, could be sent to our official e-mail box. (

The 20 Short Comments with the most likes will receive rewards, so prepare your best brief strategies!
The best Detailed Comments will be chosen by professional staff of the Wartune team, and the Top 5 will receive rewards. By participating, all players accept that Wartune can use the information provided by every participant.

For Short Comment:
Sack of Gold x50, Smelting Stone x50, Star Dust x150,
Bound Balens x150, Monthly Chest x5.
For Detailed Comment:
Sack of Gold x100, Smelting Stone x100, Star Dust x300,
Bound Balens x300, Monthly Chest x10.

January 6th to January 11th, 2017 (PST)

Note: Remember to leave your Character Name and Server in the Short Comment or in the title of the Detailed Comment, otherwise we won’t be able to send you rewards!

We really look forward to players’ participation. If you want to keep up with future events, check our social media platforms!

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Wartune Official Facebook Fan Page:
Wartune Official Twitter: