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[New][Wartune 6.3] Other Optimizations


1. Removed Titan War
Replaced the Titan War with a new feature: Athena’s War. More fun and better rewards! Keep an eye on our announcements for more info.

2. Fishing Optimization
Fixed the issue in which the help button did not work when players asked their friends for help while catching a furious fish.

3. Cross-Server MP Dungeon Matching
Fixed the issue in which players were not able to cancel system matching causing the panel to continue showing matching was underway.

4. Title Display Optimization
Fixed the issue in which titles could not wrap when they were too long and the issue in which some dynamic characters could not fully display.

5. Blood Inferno Optimization
Fixed the issue in which players could not choose to use their reward attempts or not when invited to the Blood Inferno. After the issue is fixed, when players outside the dungeon are invited, they can choose to use reward attempts.

6. Friend Limit and Marriage Restriction Optimizations

Previously when a player's friend list was full, they would not be able to add their significant other to the list. After the update, players will be able to add their significant other to the friend list even if their friend list is full. Spouses will not take up a friend vacancy the list. Players will not be able marry a person on their blacklist and vice versa.

7. Marriage Skill Level Cap
Raised Wedding Ring level cap to 29 and raised corresponding marriage skill level cap.

8. Added more items (furniture) to the Marriage Shop.


9. VIP Pack and VIP Wheel
Removed the Imperial Seal from the Weekly VIP Pack and added Star Dust to the pack. Renewed the reward types and reward quantities on the VIP Wheel.

10. Building Level and Character Level
Before, players would need to consume Gold to manually upgrade the Town Hall, Barracks and Academy in the City. After the update, these buildings will automatically upgrade as the character upgrades without the use of Gold. Players still need to use resources to adjust the attributes in the Academy and upgrade troops in the Barracks manually.

11. Added Marriage Satisfaction titles.

12. Guild Treasure Chest
Now, remaining Guild Treasure Chests will not be distributed to participants. Instead, the Guild Leader will be credited with the remaining undistributed Guild Treasure Chests.

13. Bug Fix (1)
Fixed the issue in which data was sometimes missing for sub Eudaemons.

14. Bug Fix (2)
Fixed the issue in which the system would automatically consume Balens without warning when players tried to upgrade their Eudaemon equipment using required materials that were still locked.