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[Guide][Wartune]Fantasy Arena



Do you want to build your own strongest troop? Do you want to be the boss? Do you want to fell the hype that you’ve never experienced? All you need is one ticket to the Fantasy Arena, and they are all yours.





When Fantasy Arena is Activated, click the icon in the red box to enter.

[Gameplay Info]

A. Conditions: During Event Unlock Time, use the ticket to join. Note: One ticket is eligible for one battle.

B. Class: Choose one among 3 kinds of classes including Knight, Archer, Mage and Dragonchant.

1. Choose among Knight, Archer, Mage: Choose one of the two corresponding Talents after Knighthood (matching Skills are fixed and cannot be picked)




2. Choose Dragonchant

Potency: Choose one of the 3 in Level 8 Potency

Tailsman: Choose 2 Sets or 4 Sets Effect

Skill: Choose Freeze/Enchantment (6 fixed Active Skill, Skills can’t be matched by players)




C. Choose Sylph:Choose among Ancient double element Sylphs Odin, Frigga and Thor, with their corresponding Holy Sword attributes. Each Ancient Sylph has 5 fixed Active Skills and Holy Sword Skills.





D. Choose Relic: Choose any one Relic and three Pennants.




E. Choose Goddess: Choose one from Hecate, Kassandra, Illiya, Lenneth and Asteria, with their highest attributes and skills.




F. Choose Titan: Choose 10 from 12 Titan Skills, arrange Skill order without repeating any Skills.




G. Choose Main and Sub Eudaemon:

1. Choose 10 Eudaemons and 5 Willpowers for Main Eudaemon. Choose following Sylph afterwards.



2. Choose from 10 Eudaemons for Sub Eudaemon, and then choose following Sylph.




H. Adjust Troop Formation: Click on the “ Adjust Troop Formation” icon to adjust Troop Formation. There are 4 choices.




I. Entering the Competition: Click on the Match button to randomly match a player in Fantasy Arena for competition. Victory or Failure, points are given. Players are ranked according to their points, and are rewarded according to their rankings. When multiple players share the same points, rewards are given in order of time and sent via mail.