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[Guide][Wartune 9.0] Peerage and Peerage Equipment



Class Peerage - Peerage equipment to be found in various corners of the Wartune world! Heroes, what are you waiting for? Come forge your new Almighty equipment!


[Peerage Credentials]

· Peerage Credentials I: Knighthood level maxed;

· Peerage Credentials II: Knighthood talent level is upgraded to Lvl. 40 or higher;

·  Peerage Credentials III: After completing the above two quests, converse with Cloud City NPC Bard 



[Peerage Equipment]

· Equipment Synthesis: Peerage Equipment is synthesized with Knighthood equipment and new materials: Titan Temple shards, Soulmelt Bead. The synthesized new equipment inherits from the knighthood equipment, enchanted levels, refinement results, socketed gems, and Holy Forge levels).

· Equipment Refinement: The maximum of Peerage Equipment Refinement has been raised from 10 stars to 20 stars. Refinement requires brand new materials - Godly Refinement Crystals.



· Equipment Enchantment: Max level of Peerage Equipment Enchantment is Lvl. 45. To boost up success rate from Lvl. 36 on: consume new item ‘Lvl. 1-9 Enchantment Stone’.


[Obtaining Equipment]

· MP Dungeon Plague Marsh has new Nightmare, players can obtain Peerage synthesis material: Titan's Soul Shard and Soulmelt Bead;

· Weekly Dungeon Tara Temple has new Nightmare, players can obtain Equipment Refinment material: Godly Refinement Crystal;

· Enchantment material: Lvl. 1-9 Enchantment Stone can be obtained from both of the above Dungeons.