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[Guide][Wartune 9.0] Optimizations


1. Goddess Accessory Drops:

(1)Added a daily dungeon - Black Gold Cavern (Ascension), which drops shards of Charm Mace and Goddess Heart used to upgrade Goddess accessory. You need to party up through Hall of Heroes before enter the dungeon.

(2)Path to Redemption now drops Stone of Judgment, which is used to upgrade Trial Body, and does not yield shards of Charm Mace and Goddess Heart any more. Different paths drop Stone of Judgment of different attributes, so choose your path wisely!

2.Reduced the level requirement for Auto-capture from VIP4 to VIP2.

3.Now Ice-fire Peak opens at: 11:00-11:30, 12:00-12:00, 21:00-21:30, 22:00-22:30

4.Improved the Titan Blessing effect in Titan Temple.



5.Now all players of the server may participate in Time Cavern.

6.Class Advancement: now players only need to complete Lych's Lair (Normal).

7.Added a "Help" icon for Cuties, Cuties Expedition, Game Hall, Hephaestus Amethyst, Super Check-in Card, Fantasy Arena and Recharge Bonus. Click the green question mark on top right corner to get detailed info on the events.

8.Optimized system tips for Cuties Oven/Matrix upgrading, Cuties Archive, Amethyst, Goddess Accessory set bonus, titles, Emeraldia and Hephaestus Amethyst.

9.Optimized the Game Hall panel.

10.Added a sold option for Dragonchant - now you can directly sell unwanted Dragonchant.

11.All Guild members can now receive a pop-up reminder at the bottom right corner of the screen when Emeraldia opens.