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[Guide][Wartune 9.0] Road to Revenge



Cleitus: “Let vengeance sublimate your power - and conquer your enemies!” The Road to Revenge is destined to be long and lonely. Without the companion of old friends, you will have to fight your own way to the end of road to Revenge!



After Class Peerage, players can enter the Road to Revenge via NPC Cleitus in Cloud City;




[Gameplay Info]

1. Stage Settings

· There are 5 dungeons in total. The player will have to clear one map before proceeding to activating the next. Each map contains 10 dungeons, 9 mobs and 1 Boss; 




2. Battle Info

· During the challenge, Sylph, Goddess, Holy Sword, Relic, Willpower, Cuties and Titan are all locked and cannot take effect in battles (Nemesis skills are allowed);




· Each challenge will consume 20 points of Nemesis Core, which restores 10 points per hour automatically. The ceiling of Nemesis Core is 200. Spend 500 Balens for 200 points of Nemesis Core with a limit of 3 times/day;



· Blitzing is available after the player clears the dungeon;






3. Rewards

· Reward for First Dungeon Clear: A set amount of extra Vengeful Crystals will be rewarded for first clear of a dungeon;

· Reward for Dungeon Clear: A certain amount of Vengeful Crystals will be rewarded randomly each time the players clear a dungeon;

· Reward for Stage Clear: A set amount of Vengeful Crystals and Basic Stone of Judgment Chests will be rewarded for clearing the whole map stage for the first time;


[Vengeful Crystal] Used to cultivate Vengeful Soul in the Nemesis system;