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[Guide][Wartune 9.0] Nemesis



After the lord completes a Peerage, their physical gets full elevation while another aspect of them buried deep in their heart is awakened with the in-depth rage invoked, leading to a lonelier and longer road to revenge;


After the player completes a Peerage successfully, enter via the icon at the bottom of the main screen; 


[Feature Info]

1. Trial Body

· Trial Body mainly provides players with 6 skills for revenge. The ones on the left are the main skills that consume 5 Nemesis slots (Meteoric Assault, Demolition Lightning and Complete Smash). The ones on the left are off skills that consume 2 Nemesis slots (Concentration Cannon, Sacred Rite and Sonic Shear);

· At the beginning, the player may choose to select a main skill and an off skill;



· Skills can be evolved through leveling up Vengeful Soul and consuming Stone of Judgment of corresponding levels. The boost/damage effect of the skill can be enhanced directly, and the use of Stone of Judgment at corresponding parts can grant the player attribute enhancements;

· Stone of Judgment: Earned from Path to Redemption;




2. Vengeful Soul

· Players can enchant the Vengeful Soul via Vengeful Crystal to bring about an all-around enhancement of ATK, PDEF, MDEF and HP;

· Vengeful Soul can contribute to Rank Upgrade, which can raise the level limit of evolvement for the skill Trial Body;



· After the upgrade, there will be Dragon special effect around the player; 


· Vengeful Crystal: Earned from Road to Revenge;

3. Eye of Truth

· Eye of Truth receives training as the EXP of the player grows. After upgrade, switching between Nemesis Skills in battle will accelerate;


 [Application in Battles]

· Rage bar added to battles. Every 10% of damage received will increase rage by 1 unit;
· When the Rage reaches a point, Nemesis Skill will be highlighted and the players can click on the icon to cast the skill, which will consume one cast attempt. When the Rage bar reaches 2 slots, the off skill will be highlighted and it takes 2 Rage slots to cast the off skill. When the Rage bar reaches 5 slots, the main skill can be cast at a cost of 5 Rage slots;


· Click on Eye of Truth in battle to switch main and off skills, but after each switch, the player will have to wait some time before another use of Eye of Truth;