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[Guide][Wartune 8.5] Cuties Expedition



The road ahead is long and treacherous, champion. Don't forget to bring a few sidekicks with you - they're pretty tough!
  Click [Map] → [Cuties Expedition] to enable auto-path and locate the entry.

[Gameplay Info]
1. Boss Challenge
Cuties Expedition is an AFK mode dungeon which consists of many stages. You'll need to clear all the mobs before you can challenge the Boss and progress further. Remember, later stages yield better treasure.
Note: Your character will never challenge the Boss until they are asked to by manually clicking [Challenge the Boss].
- You have 10 Boss reward attempts per day, reset daily at 0.
- You can click [Cutie] on top left to set up Cuties formation and appoint a leader before your they are engaged in combat.
- The leader's skills will be deemed as default skills when challenging the Boss.
- Boss drops: required items for Cutie accessory enchantment, breakthrough, synthesis and summoning.

(In-game screenshot 1.1: Boss challenging)
BlitzClick the [Stage] button at the top middle screen to select a cleared stage and enable Blitz. Exit the AFK interface or exit game to collect Blitz rewards.

(In-game screenshot 2.1: map and stages)

(In-game screenshot 2.2: AFK interface)
AFK reward consists of combating loot and earnings per minute.
- Combating loot: Gold and Cuties EXP.
- AFK earnings/minute (default): Gold and Cuties EXP. Later stages yield better loot and earnings.
2. Blitz
You may choose to Blitz a stage by using Balens and get all the loots and AFK earnings equating to a certain amount of time in AFK mode.
Blitz duration consists of two parts - fixed and bonus.
Bonus time is based on how many times a player uses Blitz. Each usage of Blitz gets you +1 minute. The bonus stacks, permanently.
Blitz has limited daily attempts which resets at 0.

(In-game screenshot 3.1: Blitz interface)