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[Guide][Wartune 8.5] Cuties



The Cuties, a race with shamanistic roots, has walked out of caves and caverns in recent years following their ancient spirit's instructions. As a race known for the pursuit of adventure and strength, Cuties are fearless in the face of the most evil monsters. The flames of war rage on. Champions, stand forth and choose a Cutie to fight by your side!



Unlock Level: All players who have reached Lvl. 70.
Deploy Cuties to Sub Eudaemon slot and they'll be able to lead the charge in solo dungeons or solo PvP battles. However, Character cannot benefit from the Cutie's stats nor battle rating.
Cuties can be summoned through Summon Matrix with the cost of Cuties Essence and Cuties Crystal, which can be found in Cuties Expedition.



Up Matrix not yet available. Stay tuned!
[Gameplay Info]
1. Attributes
Cutie possesses a total of 9 base attributes: PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF, Crit, Penetration, Block and HP.
There are 3 ways to power up your Cutie: Level-up, Feed and Evolve.



?1? Upgrade
Cuties can be leveled up in Cuties Expedition by gaining experience. Each level improves Cuties attributes.
Cutie's level cap is star level based: 1-Star Cuties can be leveled up to Lvl. 40; 2-Star Cuties Lvl. 80; and 3-Star Cuties Lvl. 120.



2. Feed
You'll need to cook cuisines to feed your Cuties. Cutie attributes can be improved by percentages when they're satisfied with your cook. Then, at a certain point, you need to Evolve them before they can be further improved.
Cutie Feed is based on star levels: 1-Star Cuties can grow to Phase 1; 2-Star Cuties Phase 2; and 3-Star Cuties Phase 3.
Cuisines can be cooked in Material Kitchen.



Up Oven not yet available. Stay tuned!
?2-1? Evolve
Evolve your Cuties to improve their star levels, upon which Cuties max level, max feeding phase and number of active skills are determined.
Cutie evolution consumes Cutie x1 of the same star level.
3. Skill
Cutie skill consists of active skills and passive skills.
All passive skills are available by default while active skills need to be unlocked by upgrading star levels.
Train your Cuties to upgrade their skills, regardless of star levels.





4. Accessory
?1? Accessory Synthesis
Accessories can be synthesized via Blacksmith - Synthesis - Equipment - Cuties Equipment, at the cost of various kinds of materials found in Cuties Expedition. The synthesized accessory possesses a piece of default resistance reduction attribute.



?2? Accessory Types
There are a total of 3 types of accessories, and a Cutie can equip no more than 1 of them.
A Cutie needs to reach the right level to equip the right accessory based on their nature.
?3? Accessory Upgrading
Enchant or craft your Cutie's accessory to get special abilities.
Accessory enchanting requires Ancient Bone Gem, which can upgrade accessory to Lvl. 50. Cuties will be able to randomly unlock 1 special ability for every 10 levels.
An accessory requires different kinds of items to breakthrough the level cap before it can be further enchanted for every 10 levels.
Accessory crafting can change the abilities and their level (there's possibility that level will be reduced).
 All materials required for Cuties enchanting, crafting and breakthrough can be found in Boss drops in Cuties Expedition.









5. Pact
The faithful Cuties made a pact with human beings: players may select any 3 Cuties and they can share ability bonuses from the Cutie's accessory through Blood Pact during battles. (Players may obtain a maximum of 3 different accessory abilities. When there are two identical accessory abilities, players will be granted bonuses from the one with higher effect.