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[Guide][Wartune 8.5] Sky Garden


Wanna get that party started with your buddies? Need your own Sky Garden? And need it to be super stylish? Then step into the world of Sky Gardens!
Click [Map] → [Sky Garden] in Cloud City to enable auto-path and locate the entry.

Click on an NPC to select from “My Sky Garden”, “Start Party”, “Join Party” or “Exit” 






[Gameplay Info]
Unlocks after finishing class advancement.
1? Enter My Sky Garden
Click on an NPC and select “My Sky Garden” to enter a player’s own space. Friends are listed on the right according to Likes, and you can enter a player’s Sky Garden by clicking on their player ID. Click on the map in the bottom-right corner to view a map of your garden. 



(Fig. 1.1: the My Sky Garden screen)
1? Start Party
Click on an NPC and select “Start Party” to display the party creation screen. Players can write personal messages < 60 characters; otherwise a default message “Welcome to my garden!” is displayed. Players will be notified “The party’s already started. Please wait until it’s finished.” if a party is already underway.



(Fig. 2.1: select Start Party)
2? Join Party
Click on an NPC and select “Join Party” to display a list of parties on the server that are already underway based on Popularity and  Battle Rating. Click “Enter” to join the party.
Click on the Manager NPC before the party starts to Like other players (unless Likes are on cooldown).



(Fig. 2.2: Party list screen)
3? Lobby Info
- Before a party starts, players can click on an NPC and Like other players. Party hosts cannot Like themselves. Likes have a cooldown of 8 hours. The maximum number of Likes available for any given round is 5.
- If a player makes x Likes before a party starts, they gain x free bonus mini-game attempts. Bonus attempts gained through Likes are only valid for the party in question and are not transferable. Unused attempts are deleted.
- Click on each NPC to use up 1 mini-game attempt and play the corresponding mini-game. A notification is displayed when only 0 attempts remain. Bonus attempts are only used up once all default attempts are exhausted. Hosts may visit their own parties but cannot play their own party’s mini-games; they can however simultaneously play other hosts’ mini-games.
Lobby NPCs:
- When players click on a Lobby’s Manager NPC before a party starts, the only options available are to “Like” or “Leave”. (Party must have already started before mini-games may be played. If hosts try to Like themselves, a notification advises “Cannot Like self!”) If Likes are on cooldown, the cooldown timer displays instead.
- When players click on a Lobby’s Manager NPC after a party has already started, players may select from different mini-games. Clicking a mini-game uses up 1 attempt and launches the mini-game immediately. 




1? Mini-games Info
Players can click on a mini-game NPC after the party starts to play the corresponding mini-game. Achieve points targets to win rewards.
5.1 Goodies Link
Rules: match up and link together 2 identical items before the timer runs out. Linked matches will disappear, giving more points for more links matched. (Tip: links can be connected horizontally or vertically, and a line may extend around up to 2 corners. Line cannot include a previously unmatched item).



Rules: the more matches connected before the timer runs out, the more points you’ll receive. Points are converted to Gala Crystals once the timer runs out.



5.2 5Memory
Rules: 16 cards are displayed face down and players have 2 chances each round to flip over the same 2 cards. If the cards match, they remain face up; otherwise the cards are placed face down again. Once all cards are face up, another round begins. Players have until the timer runs out to match as many cards as possible. 




Rules: the more cards matched before the timer runs out, the more points you’ll receive. Points are converted to Gala Crystals once the timer runs out.



5.3 Poker
Rules: click on the Draw button to receive 5 playing cards. Players have one chance to switch out some, all or none of the cards. Points and prizes are then awarded based on the player’s hand according to the rules of poker.



5.4 Exchanging Rewards
1. How to get Gala Crystals: play mini-games during parties to earn points, which are then converted into Gala Crystals.
2. How to get Festival Crystals: the total points earned during a party through a hosts’ mini-games are converted into Festival Crystals.
Search for the Merchant NPC and click on the Garden Shop to enter. Switch between different categories of tabs, such as Items and Pedestals. Different tabs require different currencies; caveat emptor!
At the Shop, players may redeem Gala Crystals for items and Festival Crystals for pedestals.  The map button flashes and displays a notification when players redeem a pedestal. Open up the mini-map to view a flashing prompt that shows the location of your new pedestal.





Purchased pedestals can be seen flashing on the map of your Homestead. Click on the map to place your pedestal and - depending on the type of pedestal you have - select which clothing, eudaemon, mount or sylph you wish to display.