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[Guide][Wartune 8.5] Antaeus Aider


Call for reinforcements! Antaeus the half giant, son of Gaia and Poseidon, will give you strength when weakness overcomes you!



Click the Antaeus Aider icon at bottom right screen to enter.
[Gameplay Info]
1. Sign Up



- Players who reach Battle Rating 30000k+ carrying Sylph, Main Eudaemon, Sub Eudaemon, Relic, Goddess and Titan are able to sign up.
- Qualified players will be able to rent their mirror images to help others with specified challenges and earn Earth Crystal as reward, regardless of the result of the challenge. Earth Crystals can be used to swap for items in Antaeus Shop.
- However, daily attempts to help other players are limited. Players will not be able to be invited when they run out of attempts.
- Invitation expires every Monday at 00:00 and players will need to sign up once again.
2. Image of a helper
- Battle Rating is showed on top of the character;
- Name and server are showed below the character; 



Number of helping times is showed below the server name;
Helper's Sylph, Eudaemon, Goddess, Relic and Titan are showed on the right.
3. Ask for Help







- Players may spend Balens and invite a helper to help him with the following dungeons: Titan Temple, Zodiac Palace, Forgotten Catacombs and Time Portal.
- Players can view the corresponding cost for different dungeons below the panel of the helper's profile. For instance, Titan Temple costs 40 Balens, Zodiac Palace 75 Balens, Forgotten Catacombs 20 Balens, and Time Portal 200 Balens for the first challenge; costs will be doubled for the second time and tripled for the third time, and so on.
- Each invitation costs 1 daily attempt and the corresponding Balens, regardless of dungeon types.
- Players will not be able to send invitations if he hasn't unlocked the feature.
- When a player accepts the invitation, the inviter will be granted with a buff which allows him to fight with the helper's stats.
- A helper cannot be invited by two different players at the same time.
- The inviter needs to pay for the helper, whether they have succeeded or not with the challenge.
4. Antaeus Shop
The helper will be rewarded with Earth Crystals, which can be used to swap for items in Antaeus Shop.